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Optimize, boost, maintain and recovery Windows 8 - All-in-One Utility
Optimize, boost, maintain and recovery Windows 8 - All-in-One Utility
WinTuning 8: Optimize, boost, maintain and recovery Windows 8 - All-in-One Utility - Hide «Computer» icon on the desktop
Random tweak: Hide «Computer» icon on the desktop

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WinTuning (WinTuning for Windows 8)

Developing of WinTuning is finished at the moment. But don`t worry. We`ve released new WinTuning for all Windows OS-versions. This program includes all functions of WinTuning 8 and even more ...
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Documentation for WinTuning

Official documentation file for WinTuning. There is the description of all functions of the program in the file.
Documentation for WinTuning: PDF-version

Version history  WinTuning 8 1.2
[ May 27 2013 ]
[+] Added full support of Windows 8 (Final Release) and Windows 8 Pro;
[+] Added digital signature of CWTuning Software for all files of the software (software verification);
[+] Added and edited 163 new tweaks for Windows 8;
[+] Changed the way the tweaks are viewed: now text and graphic tips are placed directly under the tweaks (better usability). For those who like the old style, it can be returned in program Settings window;
[+] "Software Updates" Utility: added the ability to download the updates with interface of the Utility (all updates are downloaded to the "Downloads" folder - by default C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Downloads);
[+] Added a utility that allows users to create their own tweaks ("Manage" button in the windows with tweaks);
[+] Added "Windows 8 Elements" > "OS Interface and Core" Utility (the tweaks that are not correspond to general format are included to this utility);
[+] Added new section: "Internet Explorer";
[*] "Software Updates" and "Uninstall Manager": fixed procedure of finding of installed programs: the Utilities did not find some of the installed programs;
[*] Fixed crash when checking invalid registry entries in the utility "Registry Cleaner";
[*] Fixed error "Failed to get data for 'IoPageLockLimit'" when running "Hardware" Utility after upgrading from previous versions of WinTuning;
[*] In utilities "Data Recovery" and "Disk Space Analyzer" fixed errors when trying to get data about A:\ and B:\ disks in case the user system has interface for it;
[*] Most of the tweaks were transferred from "Hardware", "Security", "Internet Optimization", "Desktop", "Window", "Start Menu and taskbar", "Explorer", "Loading Optimization" to the new format (files with .wtTweak extension);
[*] Fixed errors which are leads to "no responding" status in "Software Updater" and "Uninstall Manager" utilities;
[*] Fixed issue with displaying icons in the "Registry cleaner" Utility;
[*] When installing the icons of the WinTuning utilities will be included to the "Start" screen;
[*] Fixed some errors.

WinTuning 8 1.01
[ July 5 2012 ]
[+] Added utility "Registry cleaner";
[+] Ability to edit context menu "Send To..." (see utility "Windows 7 Elements"> "Context Menu");
[+] Added "Disk Space Analyzer" Utility for complete control over the space of your drives;
[+] Added ability to search by name of utility included to the program. It will help you to quickly find the right tools;
[+] Added ability to run utilities through a program icon in the Notification area (system tray);
[+] "Clipboard Monitor" Utility: Added ability to view the archive of images and textual information that are placed to the clipboard;
[+] Added tweaks management system that allows you to restore the values to its default state, save them to a special file and load from the file (for transfering to other computers);
[+] Added ability to change the software mode (for the current user / all users) in the process of setting up the OS, in the window of the program;
[+] Added "Data Recover" utility to restore accidentally deleted files from Recycle Bin (or by Shift Delete);
[+] Added two different themes of the main window and for some utilities. You can change it;
[*] Windows 7 Utilities moved to the main window;
[*] Fixed display elements of the main window on Autorun;
[*] OS selection screen: improved procedures for handling information about BCD;
[*] Fixed a bug in the "Windows 7 CleanUp" utility when check/uncheck the items next to the required sections;
[*] Fixed a bug in "Rename Files" utility when renaming function starts;
[*] Fixed a bug in the help system in the case when Adobe Reader program is not installed on user`s computer;
[*] Various fixes and improvements.

WinTuning 8 1.00
[ December 1, 2011 ]
The first official version of WinTuning 8.

[+] - fixed;
[*] - added.

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