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Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
WinTuning: Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8 - Removable Disks: Deny write access
Random tweak: Removable Disks: Deny write access

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WinTuning (WinTuning for Windows 7, 10, 8)
   Interface language: English, Russian;
   Version: 1.4;
   File size: 28.9 Mb;
Download WinTuning v1.4 for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista

   Supported Operating Systems:
      Windows 10 Pro x32;
      Windows 10 Pro x64;
      Windows 10 x32;
      Windows 10 x64;
      Windows 8.1 x32;
      Windows 8.1 x64;
      Windows 8.1 Pro x32;
      Windows 8.1 Pro x64;
      Windows 8.1 Enterprise x32;
      Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64;
      Windows 8 x32;
      Windows 8 x64;
      Windows 8 Pro x32;
      Windows 8 Pro x64;
      Windows 8 Enterprise x32;
      Windows 8 Enterprise x64;
      Windows 7 Ultimate x32;
      Windows 7 Ultimate x64;
      Windows 7 Enterprise x32;
      Windows 7 Enterprise x64;
      Windows 7 Professional x32;
      Windows 7 Professional x64;
      Windows 7 Home Premium x32;
      Windows 7 Home Premium x64;
      Windows 7 Home Basic x32;
      Windows 7 Home Basic x64;
      Windows Vista Ultimate x32;
      Windows Vista Ultimate x64;
      Windows Vista Enterprise x32;
      Windows Vista Enterprise x64;
      Windows Vista Small Business x32;
      Windows Vista Small Business x64;
      Windows Vista Professional x32;
      Windows Vista Professional x64;
      Windows Vista Home Premium x32;
      Windows Vista Home Premium x64;
      Windows Vista Home Basic x32;
      Windows Vista Home Basic x64;
      Windows Vista Starter x32;
      Windows Vista Starter x64;

Documentation for WinTuning

Official documentation file for WinTuning. There is the description of all functions of the program in the file.
Documentation for WinTuning: PDF-version

Version history WinTuning 1.4
[ February 18, 2017 ]
[*] Fixed some libraries;
[*] Fixed some small errors.

WinTuning 1.3
[ February 11, 2017 ]
[+] Added 3rd Party software: utility for restoring of deleted files (Section "Other" -> "Files Restore");
[*] Utilities BannerBlock and DataRecovery are removed from the distributive of the software;
[*] Changed the behavior when trying to close the program: it is not minimize to Windows Notification area;
[*] Fixed some errors.

WinTuning 1.2
[ December 14, 2016 ]
[*] Fixed errors while registering and check for updates in GetProgInfo Check for Software Updates utility;
[*] Fixed some small errors.

WinTuning 1.01
[ December 5, 2016 ]
[+] Added third-party tools: Sysinternals Suite from Microsoft - package of tools for more in-depth administrative work with Microsoft Windows, including tracking changes in the registry and the file system (adding/delete files/folders/registry keys and values). Added utilities for Network, Files and Disks, Security, Processes control, display various information about the operating system, etc. The full list includes 68 new tools in this package;
[+]Added a third-party utility Destroy Windows Spying tool - a program to remove the telemetry tracking of Microsoft Windows 10/8/7 user;
[*] Fixed errors.

WinTuning 1.00
[ September 12, 2015 ]
The first official version of WinTuning.

[+] - fixed;
[*] - added.

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