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Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
WinTuning: Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8 - Restrict Management Console Snap-ins
Random tweak: Restrict Management Console Snap-ins

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WinTuning home page Tweaks database for WinTuning

Here you can find the list of tweaks included in "Desktop", "Explorer", "Window", "Internet Optimization", "Security", "Start menu and taskbar", "Loading parameters" and "Hardware" utilities of WinTuning.


         Memory Cache Optimization
            Optimize (increase) system cache
            Do not unload the OS kernel from memory
            Force .dll unload from memory
            Increase priority of IRQ8
            File System Caching Memory
            CPU Second Level Cache

         Driver Search
            Don't search hardware drivers on CD disks
            Don't search hardware drivers in Windows Update
            Disable "New hardware found" popup message


         Logon Security
            Enable Ctrl + Alt + Delete Secure Logon
            Display information about previous logon
            Disable Auto Logon Shift override
            Restrict showing the last Username

         Basic restrictions
            Disable Windows Script Host
            Prevent access to registry editing tools
            Disable executing *.reg files
            Remove links and access to «Windows Update»
            Restrict Management Console Snap-ins
            Disable changing settings of System Restore
            Disable Control Panel
            Disable Encrypting File System
            Disable NTFS File Compression
            Disable skipping Startup Programs
            Clear the Page File at system shutdown
            Encrypt Page File
            Disable network access to the registry
            Disable administrative sharing
            Disable Command Prompt and Bat files

         System Components
            Disable User Account Control (UAC)
            Do not blackout the screen on UAC prompts
            Disable the Sound Recorder
            Disable virtualization
            Disable Windows Media Center
            Disable Welcome Center on logon

         Deny read access
            Removable Disks: Deny read access
            CD and DVD: Deny read access
            Floppy Drives: Deny read access

         Deny write access
            Removable Disks: Deny write access
            CD and DVD: Deny write access
            Floppy Drives: Deny write access

         Deny execute access
            Removable Disks: Deny execute access
            CD and DVD: Deny execute access
            Floppy Drives: Deny execute access

         Items of the «Ctrl+Alt+Del» Screen
            Remove «Lock this Computer» item
            Remove «Switch User» item
            Remove «Log off» item
            Remove «Change a password» item
            Remove «Start Task Manager» item
            Disable shutdown button

         Settings of Windows updates
            Disable Windows Update
            Change the restarting prompting interval
            Disable Auto Updates Service
            Change the updates detection frequency

         Sleeping mode
            Disable hibernation

         Privacy of documents and apps opening
            Do not keep history of recently opened documents
            Clear history of recently opened documents on exit
            Turn off user tracking

         Settings for Explorer
            Disable folder Options menu
            Force files and folders to not be shown
            Disable Desktop and Explorer`s context menu
            Remove the Security Tab
            All Removable Storage classes: Deny all access
            Prohibit user from manually redirecting Profile Folders

Auto Shutdown

Disk Check

Internet Optimization

         Optimize the Internet Connection
            Restrict Internet communication

         Set network bandwidth when playing media
            Set bandwidth as

         Tweak Network
            Enable the Network Adapter Onboard Processor
            Enable Half-Open TCP Connections Limit
            Hide computer from the Browser list
            Hide Entire Network in Network Neighborhood
            Prevent network auto-discovery
            Synchronize Internet time every

         Share Settings
            Restrict access over anonymous connections
            Disable recent shares in Network Places

         QoS Packet Scheduler Service
            Limit bandwidth with the QoS Packet Scheduler Service

Registry Cleaner

Banner Block

Loading Configuration

         Loading Optimization
            Run startup scripts asynchronously
            Run logon scripts synchronously
            Turn off automatic termination of applications
            Automatically close Non-Responding applications
            Disable creation of Last Known Good Configuration
            Enable defragmentation of system files
            Disable Windows Prefetcher
            Disable updating Group Policy
            Hide the Welcome Screen of logon

         Appearance and Sound when logging
            Enable Verbose Status Messages
            Turn off Windows Startup Sound
            Log On Screen Text Shadow

         Behavior when Windows error occurs
            Disable Windows logging
            Disable Automatic Restart to read BSOD
            Check disk timeout
            Disable application crash message

         Auto Admin Logon feature
            Force use of Auto Logon

         Windows Services
            Disable print spooler
            Disable Windows Time Service
            Disable Windows Security Center Service
            Disable Superfetch Service
            Disable Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service
            Disable Computer Browser
            Enable Remote Registry
            Disable Windows Firewall
            Disable Windows Defender
            Disable Windows Error Reporting service

Startup Manager

Boot Editor

Software Updates Checker

Uninstall Manager

Windows CleanUp

Mass Renamer

Data Recovery

Disk Space Analyzer

OS Elements

         Desktop elements
            Hide and disable all items on the desktop
            Hide «Computer» icon on the desktop
            Hide «Network» icon on desktop
            Hide «Recycle Bin» icon from desktop
            Disable gadgets
            Disable Windows pop-up descriptions
            Disable warnings about Low free disk space
            Display the Windows version in the right bottom corner
            Remove Properties from the Documents icon context menu
            Don't save settings at exit
            Turn off balloon notifications
            Hide Internet Explorer icon on desktop
            Disable Charms Bar Hint

         Properties for «Personalization» window
            Disable Theme selection
            Disable Display personalization
            Disable «Windows Color» button
            Hide «Change desktop icons» link
            Disable «Screen Saver» button

         «Properties» item of the context menu
            Remove the properties item of the «Computer» icon
            Remove the properties item of the «Recycle Bin» icon

            Disable Screen Saver
            On resume, display logon screen

         Desktop background
            Restrict Wallpaper selection
            Move wallpaper: horizontal value
            Move wallpaper: vertical value

         Aero Peek desktop preview
            Change desktop preview mouse hover delay (Aero Peek)
            Force to enable Windows Aero


         Windows Media Player 12
            Windows Media Player: Library background image

         Selection rectangle
            Highlight selection rectangle in color when selecting

            Change your caret size
            Change mouse's wheel scroll rate
            Disable Aero Shake
            Disable smart window arrangement

         Interface optimization
            Disable transparent glass
            Disable window animation
            Disable changing frame coloring
            Disable desktop composition experience
            Hide Display Settings tab
            Change window borders width
            Prohibit Theme color selection
            Turn off personalized menus

            Disable 3D windows switcher (3D Alt + Tab)
            Change max number of Flip3D windows

Start Menu and taskbar

         Remove elements of the Start Menu
            Skip "Start" screen and go to Desktop
            Remove «Pinned programs» list
            Remove «All Programs» list
            Remove «All Programs» list
            Remove Windows Store
            Remove «Frequent programs» list
            Remove common program groups
            Remove user folder item
            Remove user’s folders
            Remove «Documents» item
            Remove «Recent Items» item
            Remove «Control Panel» item
            Remove «Games» item
            Remove «Music» item
            Remove «Pictures» item
            Remove «Favorites» item
            Remove «Help and Support» item
            Remove «Default Programs» item
            Remove «Connect To» item
            Remove «Network» item
            Remove «Run» item
            Disable «Log off» item
            Remove Search link from Start Menu
            Remove and prevent access to the Shut Down etc.

            Remove Balloon tips on Start Menu items
            Force classic Start Menu
            Remove Drag-and-drop and context menus
            Do not display any custom toolbars in the taskbar

         Hover time
            Menu show delay
            Hover time before pop-up displays

         Taskbar properties
            Prevent change taskbar settings
            Lock all taskbar settings
            Lock the taskbar
            Prevent users from resizing the taskbar
            Turn off moving taskbar to another screen dock location
            Prevent grouping of taskbar items
            Remove access to the context menus for the taskbar
            Turn off taskbar thumbnails

         Properties of Toolbars
            Prevent users from rearranging toolbars
            Prevent users from adding or removing toolbars
            Prohibit adjusting desktop toolbars
            Disable Quick Launch on Taskbar
            Prevent manipulating the Taskbar's toolbars

         Notification area
            Hide the notification area
            Remove clock from the system notification area
            Remove the networking icon
            Remove the volume control
            Remove the battery meter
            Turn off notification area cleanup

         Remove the search
            Do not search for files
            Do not search programs and control panel items
            Do not search Internet
            Do not search communications


            Disable the display of thumbnails
            Confirm file delete
            Hide «File» menu in Toolbar
            Enable Auto-Expand Folders
            Add «Move To folder...» item
            Add «Copy To folder...» item
            Wrap long icon titles
            Use localized subfolder names when redirecting
            Show computer drive letters before drive name

         Optimization of Windows Explorer
            Restart the Shell automatically
            Enable last access update for folders
            Turn off the Search Indexer in Windows

         Time to wait...
            Time to wait when a program hangs
            Time to wait for ending crashes programs
            Time to wait for ending hung services

Context Menu Editor

Control panel objects

Internet Explorer

            Increase the number of simultaneous downloads from one server

            Disable encrypted page caching
            Do not check download signs
            Enable execution of unsigned files

            Show main menu
            Enable search in address bar
            Home page
            Run browser in fullscreen mode
            Disable download complete notification
            Disable smooth page scrolling
            Disable default browser notification
            Clear browser history on exit
            Row count on new page
            Display popup windows
            Disable Tabs
            New tab appearance
            Do not warn on multiple tabs closing
            Disable page preview
            Open links from third-party software
            Disable tab grouping
            Use Google search
            Switch tabs in order of access
            Disable hardware acceleration
            Enable big icons
            Show tabs below address bar
            Display "Stop" and "Refresh" buttons before the address bar

System Info

Clipboard Monitor

Memory Info

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