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Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
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Database of WinTuning tweaks OS Elements Start Menu and taskbar Disable Quick Launch on Taskbar

Disable Quick Launch on Taskbar
Tweak description
This setting controls whether the QuickLaunch bar is displayed in the Taskbar. If you enable this setting, the QuickLaunch bar will be invisible and cannot be turned on.

Root key in Registry
Path to modified parameter in Registry
Modified parameter
Parameter type
Tweak value
Default value
1 (or you may just delete it)
This tweak fits for operating systems as follows
Windows 10 -
Windows 8 -
Windows 7 -
Windows Vista +

This tweak fits for Windows Vista
Disable Quick Launch on Taskbar - This tweak fits for Windows Vista

To clean, speed-up, tweak and optimize Windows 7, 10, 8 use WinTuning. You can download it here

All tweaks of "Start Menu and taskbar"
      Remove elements of the Start Menu
         Skip "Start" screen and go to Desktop
         Remove «Pinned programs» list
         Remove «All Programs» list
         Remove «All Programs» list
         Remove Windows Store
         Remove «Frequent programs» list
         Remove common program groups
         Remove user folder item
         Remove user’s folders
         Remove «Documents» item
         Remove «Recent Items» item
         Remove «Control Panel» item
         Remove «Games» item
         Remove «Music» item
         Remove «Pictures» item
         Remove «Favorites» item
         Remove «Help and Support» item
         Remove «Default Programs» item
         Remove «Connect To» item
         Remove «Network» item
         Remove «Run» item
         Disable «Log off» item
         Remove Search link from Start Menu
         Remove and prevent access to the Shut Down etc.
         Remove Balloon tips on Start Menu items
         Force classic Start Menu
         Remove Drag-and-drop and context menus
         Do not display any custom toolbars in the taskbar
      Hover time
         Menu show delay
         Hover time before pop-up displays
      Taskbar properties
         Prevent change taskbar settings
         Lock all taskbar settings
         Lock the taskbar
         Prevent users from resizing the taskbar
         Turn off moving taskbar to another screen dock location
         Prevent grouping of taskbar items
         Remove access to the context menus for the taskbar
         Turn off taskbar thumbnails
      Properties of Toolbars
         Prevent users from rearranging toolbars
         Prevent users from adding or removing toolbars
         Prohibit adjusting desktop toolbars
         Disable Quick Launch on Taskbar
         Prevent manipulating the Taskbar's toolbars
      Notification area
         Hide the notification area
         Remove clock from the system notification area
         Remove the networking icon
         Remove the volume control
         Remove the battery meter
         Turn off notification area cleanup
      Remove the search
         Do not search for files
         Do not search programs and control panel items
         Do not search Internet
         Do not search communications

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