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Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
WinTuning: Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8 - Restrict Internet communication
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WinTuning home page FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about WinTuning
1. A message "You are using the illegal copy of this program. Program is going to be closed. Notice that the infringement of copyright leads to criminal liability. To buy the license please go to cwtuning.com website." appears when trying to run the program. I just installed it and I do not understand why the program show this message. Beside that if I will buy a license, how and where can I enter the license code? This message appears if you have previously been used on your computer hacked version of WinTuning. The program can be used not by you, and you may even don`t know about it.

There is a special command that will remove this message and open the registration window (however, this command also resets the trial period from 10 days to zero). After the purchase we will send you the instructions on how to do that.

2. How much is it? WinTuning costs $19.9 per license. There are discounts when buying more than one license.

3. Are WinTuning updates free? Yes, it is. If you are a registered user, you have the license to use a life-time upgrade for WinTuning absolutely free!

4. Is your online order form secure? Yes, it is 100% secure. You enter your data to the fields of the HTTP Secure (begin with https://) protocol.

5. Will tweaks of WinTuning be active if I uninstall WinTuning? Yes. All changes with tweaks made in WinTuning in Your OS do work even if you uninstall WinTuning.

6. Does WinTuning contain Advertising Technologies or Spyware? No. WinTuning does not contain advertising technologies or spyware.

7. Can WinTuning damage my hardware? No, that is impossible since WinTuning does tune Windows registry settings only - it does not touch your hardware at all. It does not overclock or change your physical hardware and/or driver settings.

8. How can I translate WinTuning to my language, if my language is not currently included with WinTuning? Steps to create a new set of language files for WinTuning:
• The language file has *.lng file extension
• The language file can be found in the "Lang" sub folder of the WinTuning installation folder
• The language file is simple text file which can be edited with any text file editor, like Notepad or similar
• The language file must be placed into the sub folders mentioned above. If you place them somewhere else, WinTuning will not find them!

9. Certain features might not work as expected - what am I doing wrong? It is possible that you have the new Windows User Account Control activated. UAC is known to interfere with some of WinTuning features. If you encounter a problem, or a malfunction of a WinTuning feature, please check your UAC settings. If UAC is enabled, please disable it, reboot your machine, and check if the problem has disappeared. If not, please tell us about it by sending an email here.

It is also possible that another software installed and/or active running on your system prevents WinTuning from enabling certain Windows 10 registry tweaks. Such applications can be Anti Virus and Anti Spyware applications since they can block programs from modifying the Windows registry. Please do disable such programs if you encounter a strange behavior of WinTuning.

10. Will Autoshutdown function be active If I close WinTuning, instead of minimize it to tray? No. Autoshutdown function works only while WinTuning is running.

11. I connect to the Internet, but WinTuning Update shows me an error: "Timeout while connecting to the Internet". How can I fix that? It seems you are using firewall while connecting to WinTuning server. Firewall may block WinTuning. Please allow inside/outgoing connections with Internet for WinTuning. It uses HTTP-protocol (port is 80).

12. I found an error in program and want to share information about it with the author. How can I do this? Please go to a feedback page here and send me detailed message about error occurred.

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