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Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
WinTuning: Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8 - Disable «Windows Color» button
Random tweak: Disable «Windows Color» button

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Database of WinTuning tweaks OS Elements Desktop Turn off balloon notifications

Turn off balloon notifications
Tweak description
If you enable this setting no notification balloons will be shown to the user.

Root key in Registry
Path to modified parameter in Registry
Modified parameter
Parameter type
Tweak value
Default value
0 (or you may just delete it)
This tweak fits for operating systems as follows
Windows 10 -
Windows 8 -
Windows 7 -
Windows Vista +

This tweak fits for Windows Vista
Turn off balloon notifications - This tweak fits for Windows Vista

To clean, speed-up, tweak and optimize Windows 7, 10, 8 use WinTuning. You can download it here

All tweaks of "Desktop"
      Desktop elements
         Hide and disable all items on the desktop
         Hide «Computer» icon on the desktop
         Hide «Network» icon on desktop
         Hide «Recycle Bin» icon from desktop
         Disable gadgets
         Disable Windows pop-up descriptions
         Disable warnings about Low free disk space
         Display the Windows version in the right bottom corner
         Remove Properties from the Documents icon context menu
         Don't save settings at exit
         Turn off balloon notifications
         Hide Internet Explorer icon on desktop
         Disable Charms Bar Hint
      Properties for «Personalization» window
         Disable Theme selection
         Disable Display personalization
         Disable «Windows Color» button
         Hide «Change desktop icons» link
         Disable «Screen Saver» button
      «Properties» item of the context menu
         Remove the properties item of the «Computer» icon
         Remove the properties item of the «Recycle Bin» icon
         Disable Screen Saver
         On resume, display logon screen
      Desktop background
         Restrict Wallpaper selection
         Move wallpaper: horizontal value
         Move wallpaper: vertical value
      Aero Peek desktop preview
         Change desktop preview mouse hover delay (Aero Peek)
         Force to enable Windows Aero

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