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Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8
WinTuning: Tweak and Optimize Windows 7, 10, 8 - Disable skipping Startup Programs
Random tweak: Disable skipping Startup Programs

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Database of WinTuning tweaks Computer Security Remove «Change a password» item

Remove «Change a password» item
This tweak fits for Windows 10
Remove «Change a password» item - WinTuning Utilities: Optimize, boost, maintain and recovery Windows 7, 10, 8 - All-in-One Utility
Tweak description
Prevents users from changing their Windows password on demand. This tweak disables the «Change Password» button on the Windows Security dialog box (which appears when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del). However, users are still able to change their password when prompted by the system. The system prompts users for a new password when an administrator requires a new password or their password is expiring.

Root key in Registry
Path to modified parameter in Registry
Modified parameter
Parameter type
Tweak value
Default value
0 (or you may just delete it)
This tweak fits for operating systems as follows
Windows 10 +
Windows 8 +
Windows 7 +
Windows Vista +

This tweak fits for Windows 8
Remove «Change a password» item - This tweak fits for Windows 8

This tweak fits for Windows 7
Remove «Change a password» item - This tweak fits for Windows 7

This tweak fits for Windows Vista
Remove «Change a password» item - This tweak fits for Windows Vista

To clean, speed-up, tweak and optimize Windows 7, 10, 8 use WinTuning. You can download it here

All tweaks of "Security"
      Logon Security
         Enable Ctrl + Alt + Delete Secure Logon
         Display information about previous logon
         Disable Auto Logon Shift override
         Restrict showing the last Username
      Basic restrictions
         Disable Windows Script Host
         Prevent access to registry editing tools
         Disable executing *.reg files
         Remove links and access to «Windows Update»
         Restrict Management Console Snap-ins
         Disable changing settings of System Restore
         Disable Control Panel
         Disable Encrypting File System
         Disable NTFS File Compression
         Disable skipping Startup Programs
         Clear the Page File at system shutdown
         Encrypt Page File
         Disable network access to the registry
         Disable administrative sharing
         Disable Command Prompt and Bat files
      System Components
         Disable User Account Control (UAC)
         Do not blackout the screen on UAC prompts
         Disable the Sound Recorder
         Disable virtualization
         Disable Windows Media Center
         Disable Welcome Center on logon
      Deny read access
         Removable Disks: Deny read access
         CD and DVD: Deny read access
         Floppy Drives: Deny read access
      Deny write access
         Removable Disks: Deny write access
         CD and DVD: Deny write access
         Floppy Drives: Deny write access
      Deny execute access
         Removable Disks: Deny execute access
         CD and DVD: Deny execute access
         Floppy Drives: Deny execute access
      Items of the «Ctrl+Alt+Del» Screen
         Remove «Lock this Computer» item
         Remove «Switch User» item
         Remove «Log off» item
         Remove «Change a password» item
         Remove «Start Task Manager» item
         Disable shutdown button
      Settings of Windows updates
         Disable Windows Update
         Change the restarting prompting interval
         Disable Auto Updates Service
         Change the updates detection frequency
      Sleeping mode
         Disable hibernation
      Privacy of documents and apps opening
         Do not keep history of recently opened documents
         Clear history of recently opened documents on exit
         Turn off user tracking
      Settings for Explorer
         Disable folder Options menu
         Force files and folders to not be shown
         Disable Desktop and Explorer`s context menu
         Remove the Security Tab
         All Removable Storage classes: Deny all access
         Prohibit user from manually redirecting Profile Folders

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