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Optimize, boost, maintain and recovery Windows 8 - All-in-One Utility
Optimize, boost, maintain and recovery Windows 8 - All-in-One Utility
WinTuning 8: Optimize, boost, maintain and recovery Windows 8 - All-in-One Utility - Synchronize Internet time every
Random tweak: Synchronize Internet time every

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Database of WinTuning tweaks Internet Optimization Set bandwidth as x packets/millisecod

Set bandwidth as x packets/millisecod
Tweak description
Windows 8 throttles your network bandwidth when you are playing any multimedia file as an MP3 or a video. This was designed to ensure the CPU has enough free cycles available to play your media without skipping. The down side is that your network speed of file transfers will decrease on high speed network connections. By default when you are playing a multimedia file your network transfers are limited to 10 packets per millisecond. You may increase the value to improve the network performance. This tweak affects all users of this computer. Restart the computer to take effect.

Date of adding to the program

Root key in Registry
Path to modified parameter in Registry
\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile
Modified parameter
To clean, speed-up, tweak and optimize Windows 8 use WinTuning. You can download it here

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